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Just installed my i7-2600k last night, im using a prolimatech supermega with 2 120mm scythe slipstreams 1900rpm, i haven't overclocked yet and already i have a 12 degree difference between cores, i would understand if it was ~5 degrees but 12 is alot, the other cores sit around 23 degrees and one core is at 35. Best bet would be reseating the heatsink? could be a dodgy thermal paste job i suppose but i thought i did it well :(
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  1. What were you running at the time? Is it possible that only one core was doing any work?

    If you loaded all the cores, and you still had a discrepancy like that, I'd worry, but if it was idling, then maybe it had three of the cores idling at low temp.
  2. + 1, check the core loads first, it could well be just the one core was loaded thus increases temp on that core. Try maxing all cores using prime 95. If its still different, re apply thermal paste and reseat heatsink
  3. i'll give prime95 a go now, i reseated heatsink and exact same temps so i think it might just be the one core being used. I just rocked some borderlands for about 2 hours and max temps still had a 10 degree gap but then again dunno if that game is threaded for a quad core. Once i use a proper utility i'll know for sure i guess.
  4. yeah just download p95, its free, then check.
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