New graphics card or crossfire X?

I currently have an XFX HD 5770 in a system I built last year, but I want to be prepared for the next generation of graphic intensive games like Crysis 2 and Battlefield 3. My system struggles on high settings on Crysis at 1360x760, which is what I usually play games at. I have a Corsair 650w PSU, a Crosshair IV formula MoBo and 2x2gb of G.Skill ECO and an AMD Phenom II X4 black CPU ram all inside a HAF 932 case.

I was wondering if I should buy another XFX HD 5770 and run in crossfire X or buy one of the new 6000 series cards, and if its better to get a 6000 card, which one would be the best for me?

I have a budget of around £100 to £150 ($160 - $250)

Thank you for any help you can give.
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  1. With a budget like that, adding a second 5770 will give you better overall performance than a single card in that price bracket would, your PSU and your motherboard both support it so i think that is the best upgrade option. Also, a single 5770 should be able to handle crysis on high at that resolution, not very high and no AA but you should be fine with high, whats your FPS like in normal stress level games?
  2. It normally gets about 40 - 60fps or more in "normal" games like DiRT 2 and Just Cause 2 and games like that with everything on its highest setting but AA kills it when things get heavy. Crysis usually gets 30fps on high with no AA, but when there's lots going on it goes down to 10 or 15fps, or just outright crashes. I could probably spend a little more if necessary, but I want to try and keep it on a budget as im quite poor right now :(
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