Foxconn r10-s4 boot problem


I just put together an R10-S4 with 2GB RAM MEM 2G|GSK F2-6400CL5S-2GBNT R, 500GB SATA HD, and Lightscribe DVD. When I turn on, the DVD searches and tells me to put boot media in despite there being a Mandriva linux iso bootable disc in it. I have checked the bios and it is seeing my HD and DVD and boot order is DVD first. I would be grateful for your advice.
Thank you.
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    Sounds like everything is working fine except the DVD. Are you sure the disk is bootable? Have you confirmed it in another computer?
  2. Dear Rolli, You are correct - the disc was corrupted and would not boot. I put in another Mandriva boot disc and away it went!
  3. Great that you got sorted!
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