CPU idling at 60C, how can I lower the temp?

Hey guys I've had this computer for 2 years now and I've noticed the CPU is always hot but lately it idles aboout 56-62C.
Currently my house is at about 26C.

I read some threads about reseating the heatksink or checking the volts but i don't know a lot of this stuff.
(also I have a Radeon HD6790 that runs about 36-42 idle but i don't think that's alot, thought i'd say that.)

here are my specs

Intel Q8300 2.5Ghz
Powercolor Radeon HD6790 1gb
Antec EA650W
Stock ASUS CG5270 computer case
3 fans- 1 intake, 2 outtake
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  1. more option :
    - increase speed fan from bios (disabled CPU smart fan )
    - replace thermal paste
    - for the best way get after market cooler suitable with your Case
  2. Yes: open the case up clean all dust, and clean the fans etc. Remove the heatsink, clean off the old thermal paste, reapply some decent silver paste such as artic silver 5, or there is some diamond stuff now which is supposed to be the best :


    reapply some new thermal paste, reseat the heatsink. This should decrease temps greatly.

    If you want to further descrease, go into bios and disable smart fan control, its usually in hardware temperature bit. This will put the cpu fan at %100 rpm.

    If that still isnt enough then get a decent aftermarket cooler.
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