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Cant get full native resolution (1080p) with Radeon HD 4250 using HDMI

I've recently purchased an ASUS M4A88TD-M mobo with an onboard Radeon HD 4250.

My problem is that I can't get the full resolution my screen natively supports (1920x1080). When I go to windows "change resolution" it recommends 1920x1080 but when I choose it I get a 3-4 cm black rim around the shrunken image, I also get fuzzy text.

I've tried:
- Changing the resolution in CCC.
- Different HDMI cable.
- GFX Drivers and Chipset drivers from: Windows update, ASUS website, ASUS CD and newest off ATI website.
- Turning off integrated audio in BIOS.
- Reinstalling windows.

I know my screen is fine since I can just plug the HDMI cable into my laptop and it works fine with native 1080 res.

Suggestions? Specs for the 4250 says it supports the resolution with HDMI so I'm very dissaponted right now.

I'm on W7 x64.

Thanks for any help.
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    Just go into Catalyst, select your Display Properties, click on the little black triangle on the "display" shown, enable your scaling options and then adjust to fill the black space. Good luck!
  2. This is how I solved it:
    Set scaling to 0% on the bar that's labelled "Underscan" on the left and "Overscan" on the right. In the current version of Catalyst, that wil be under "My Digital Flat-Panels", on th "Scaling Options" screen".

  3. woohoo that solved my issue too!! thanks
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