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i just built a new pc zz77 motherboard core i7 2700k and got gskill sniper 2133 ram 1.6v gskill said it was fine but intel recommends 1.5v i tried setting the voltage to 1.5v but ram wasnt stable at 2133 is it safe to run at 1.6v
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  1. Both companies are correct. Essentially Intel will void your warranty if you go above 1.5v (if you tell them). 1.6v is almost certainly required to get you up to 2133. A quagmire.

    What we're talking about here is OverClocking. If you're not familiar with this, run the RAM at 1.5 and 1600/1333 until you've had time to read up on the topic. A good place to start is in the Overclocking section of Toms Forums:

    Bumping just to 1.6v isn't a big jump, and there are tons of people out there that do it successfully. You just need to know what you're getting into... I can't just blindly tell you "it's OK to do it". :)
  2. okay thanks im pretty familiar with overclocking its just been on amd systems this is the first Intel system i have had since pentium4 lol. so some research is in order i just didn't want to damage my cpu i guess ill just leave it at 1600 1.5v
  3. For what it's worth, it's just Intel's "warranty" speak - tends to be much stronger verbiage than AMD's. Over-volting any device/component wears it out faster than it was designed. Lots of V, lots of wear. Little V, not so much. And 1.6v isn't much.
    But definitely do your homework so you feel comfortable with it.
  4. Any RAM above 1.5V voids the CPU warranty.

    Also above 1333MHz voids it too.

    U may purchase the warranty.
  5. What is your mobo?
  6. If it's (1) o-n-e then in the BIOS use the XMP setting with Profile1.

    Otherwise as asked:
    Q - What exact MOBO?
    Q - What exact RAM Kit? ; please provide a link.
    /I assume one of these -
    Q - How many Kits, one or two?
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