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I'm building my first tower and decided to run a cat5 cable from my router to my mobo's ethernet port instead of using a wireless setup. When i try to connect to the internet, i get a message saying "no networking hardware found" I was under the impression that that was what the ethernet port on my mobo was for.

Thanks for the help

OS - Windows 7 Professional
Router - Linksys WRT150n
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  1. did you dl the drivers for NIC ?

    If your right click on my computer and go to manage then device manager you can see what devices are installed.

    Also might sound stupid do you have cable connecting your modem to your router?
  2. You should had received a cd with your motherboard. Just install all the drivers that comes on it.

    You should be good to go after this.
  3. thanks! i'll first dl the drivers and see. Yes my cable is connected:) good question for newbie
  4. thanks for the help. I think i put a staple through the cat5 cable when i was running it through my house. I took my computer downstairs right next to the router and connected it with another cable and connected.

    thanks again

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