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Hello guys.

First i wanna tell im new in this stuff but i read sometimes on net some info about hardware. My PC is very crappy anyway, but i think im not getting the results im supposed to get.

First my PC

CPU Intel P4 3.0 GHz (yea -sigh- it sucks so so bad)
Motherboard - J&W P35 (intel P35 version made by J&W)
Graphic Card - ATI Radeon HD 5570 1GB DDR3
PSU 450W crappy company probably since i couldnt find the name on the sticker lol
RAM - Kingston 2GB DDR2 800MHz

OS - Windows XP SP2

Now my questions (i have few)...

I used to have GeForce 6200 graphic card and strange enough i dont see any improvement with my new purchase (the 5570). I got first GT 220 which i changed for 5570 in 3 days from the same shop i bought. Am i supposed to set some things up in that ATI Catalyst Control Center to raise my FPS up or simply my CPU suck to much?

I tried on CS 1.6 which is pretty suckish old game, and i got sometimes even 15-20 FPS. Ofc it jumps up to 100 FPS but it changes all the time.

Then i tested AIKA online. There i got 20-25 FPS normaly and 15 FPS in towns with much people. Then i got skype call incoming and when i answered WHILE playing aika it went down to 5 FPS :X

I Decided to try NOT online game to check if my connection is screwing me up with high ping which slow down my FPS so i instaled Need For Speed Carbon (yea i know its old, its the first not online game i found in home AND my PC is crappy for newer games anyway) to test the FPS. i got this results

All tests are on 1024x768 (max resolution on my monitor is 1280x1024 anyway)

Low Graphic - 25-30 FPS
Medium Graphic - 20-25 FPS
High 10-20 FPS

Normaly first i thought that its my CPU fault cos my PC is so bad but then again, my pc is more then enough to run CS 1.6 (at 800x600 16 bit) with 100 FPS so i assume its graphic card problem. Probably my settings. Is there something i need to SET UP to get better performance? I mean you can see from my PC that im not really someone who can allow good PC and when i finally bought myself a graphic card that can run some games i get so bad results that i think i wasted my hardly earned money for nothing :(

Note: Windows XP tells me that it FOUND NEW HARDWARE every time i restart my PC. i always press cancel on it, so could that be the problem? I tired pressing RUN on that thing and i got that NEW HARDWARE WIZARD thingy which wanted to find some drivers and then was LOADING for long long long time and i pressed cancel.

I hope i gave you enough info and i hope someone can help me soon :(
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  1. Your CPU is a massive bottleneck first of all.

    The 5570 isn't designed for gaming unless you have a low resolution, yours seems sort of low but it may still struggle.

    Then again it could be your PSU not supplying the right amount of power at a stable rate which is causing the fluctuations.
  2. idont care for graphic much at gaming. i only want the graphic card to be able to run the games. 1024x768 is enough for me which is not high resolution (card can run up to 1600 or 1400 im not sure). Also i more care to be able to run ONLINE games at LOW graphic but with not bad FPS, so i dont want something like WOW graphics. I just want reasonable FPS at low/medium graphics at 1024x768 res.

    Here is screen shot of PC Wizard Power Supply screen btw. Hope this can help you tell if thats the problem or no. Also you think improving CPU AND PSU (if PSU is the problem) would help? Or need some settings in Catalyst thingy of radeon?

    http://img194.imageshack.us/img194/7225/psutd.jpg " class="img lazy">
  3. you should get significant gain over 6200 geforce,but as mentioned above to take it to work,you must get atleast dual core cpu which might be intel e2180 or e5200.both have twice better performance over a pentium 4.and another problem with pentium 4s is that they are not good overclockers at all.they just die after sometime.:|
  4. mhm and how about e5700 3.0 core duo? is that good processor?
  5. e5700 is a dual core not a core 2 duo.yes it is good processor and surely good for your needs.
  6. Specifications:
    * Processor Type: Intel Pentium Dual-Core Desktop Processor E5700
    * Frequency: 3 GHz
    * FSB: 800 MHz
    * Intel Smart Cache: 2 MB
    * Process: 45 nm
    * Socket: Socket 775
    * Power Consumption: 65 W
    * Package: OEM

    * Dual-Core processor
    * Intel 64 Architecture
    * Idle States Technology
    * Enhanced Intel Speedstep Technology
    * Intel Virtualization Technology(VT-x)
    * Execute Disable Bit
    * Intel Thermal Monitor Technology

    * Processor Type: Intel Pentium Dual-Core Desktop Processor E5200
    * Frequency: 2.5 GHz
    * FSB: 800 MHz
    * Cache: 2 MB
    * Process:45nm
    * Socket: Socket 775
    * Power Consumption: 65 W
    * Package: OEM

    * Dual-Core processor
    * Intel Extended Memory 64 Technology (EM64T)
    * Enhanced Intel Speedstep Technology
    * Enhanced Halt State (C1E-8w)
    * Extended Stop Grant State (C2E)
    * Intel Thermal Monitor 2

    They are both Dual Core and the e5200 you mentioned is slightly weaker than this i found. E5700 in my local store is only 3 euros more expensive than the E5200 thats why i asked for it :)

    TY all for the responses btw.

    And a side question, on that screen shot i posted, is it bad that my Voltage +12 thing gives to me 7.5V? What harm it can make and how can i fix it (besides buying new PSU)
  7. there is not a big difference in those.both are same,just clocked differently.only a difference of 470mhz.if you overclock e5200 to 3.00ghz there would be no difference at all.but yes its worth to go with e5700 when you are having just a tiny difference in bucks.
    i dont see any photo because of unregistration.
  8. im pretty sure i completed my registration but here is link just copy paste it then...

  9. all i see is unregistered domain.
  10. well its a pic of PC wizard and this is what im asking

    Processor Voltage----------1.34V
    +3.3V Voltage---------------3.30V
    +12V Voltage----------------7.55V
    +5V VCCH--------------------5.00V
    VBAT --------------------------3.26V

    TMPIN0 65*C
    TMPIN1 23*C
    TMPIN2 22*C

    Hardware Monitoring - ACPI

    Therminal Zone 33*C

    ATI Radeon 5500 series - ATI Catalyst Driver
    Temperature - 34*C
    Fan - 15.0%

    HDD monitoring - S.M.A.R.T
    HDD HDS728080PLAT20 - 37*C

    Thats what the screen shot shows and im asking if something is wrong there and how to fix it if it is. Some guy up said it might be the PSU problem so its screen shot of the Voltage and Temperatures section of PC Wizard.
  11. no problem buddy.its just normal,many powersupplies show it.no tension at all.
  12. if your query is done.kindly select your own liked best answer so that modz can close the thread.
  13. i would like to leave it just overnight or till next morning JUST in case if i get any sugestion and then i will do so :) ty for help tho :)
  14. ok its your choice.tc.cheers.
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