I changed the cmos batteries and i got a problem pls help???

i have a dell 1526 vista laptop and over the past days i was having a screen problem with it so i thought maybe itd be the cmos battery.. on the other hand i have an other xp desktop so i took its cmos battery out and put it into the laptop.. i see it wasnt the battery problem so i took it out and replaced it back to the original cmos battery to my xp.. now my desktop doenst work.. it actually works but screen doesnt come up and the fans dont stop running and i cant turn it off... what did I do and what do i do?
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  1. Static Electricity could be the issue. Hopefully not, but it does happen. Make sure you reset the bios. You should have a jumper on the board the clear the Cmos memory in addition to your battery. Make sure your memory is seated correctly and check cables.
  2. (1) The Cmos battery would not normally cause a screen problem. Indications of cmos battery fail - (1) Time and date get reset or (2) an error message when you boot.

    (2) Three possibilities. (A) A connection in your desktop has become loose, so reseat all cards (ie graphics card and Memory) and MB connectors. (B) you drained the cmos battery. CMOS batteries are a VERY low current drain battery and can be drained easily - replace battery. (C) Worst case, you damaged your MB or corrupted the CMOS (AND YES as zalittle indicated, they could be a resualt of ESD) - Both of these probably will require replacing your MB.

    (3) My recommended steps :
    .. Do 2(A) - still no work
    .. Replace battery and while the battery is out you should have two pins labled reset or clear CMOS, short these pins for 10 Sec (With Battery OUT).

    Still no work - look at Troubleshooting guide, it provide some very good steps - then come back
  3. lol i know noones gonna believe this but i found the problem and it was my freaking monitor.. i usually dont turn off the monitor so this time it was on too while i was playing with the cmos... all of the sudden i turned off the monitor and started working... haha that was really stupid.. thanks guys
  4. LOL - It Often turns out to be the " " problem, ie AC plug not pluged in. Great.
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