Is it mother Board's problem


My mouse hangs after 2 , 3 hours of work. I checked also with other mouses, I have to reattach it then it works properly.

My system is running slower than before as it has 2 GB RAM and core 2 DUO Processor
I have updated Antivirus like windows security essential and Avg
so no virus possibility

Tell me if its mother Board problem and I need to change this one?
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  1. Check your power settings.

    Something related to USB may go to sleep mode after the 2-3hrs ...
  2. Hi Nikorr
    thanks for your reply, actually its not a usb mouse
    and I have ordered for a new chassis as its front panel is broken, then I'll reassemble it (May be it gets disturb easily , my CPU power button showed problem in past too)

    last year due to sparking in wire I lost my graphic card's one display slot,now using other one
    so I thought may be slots who were in use that time got problem.and my problem began from that time as well

    Recently I was looking for my CPU compatible mother board then I found, ! sign on Intel website what says that compatible but need information

    what's that? should I have a fully compatible motherboard instead of that?
  3. Hey
    can u tell me where to check power setting you mentioned? or you were telling about power cables and smps

    just clarify please
  4. Go to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Power Options\Edit Plan Settings

  5. It was 4 hours there I made it to never.. is it right?
    Its also responsible for slow PC?
  6. Quote:
    It was 4 hours there I made it to never.. is it right?

    Its also responsible for slow PC?


    For slow PC is responsible clutter and viruses.

    And slow CPU and not enough of the RAM.
  7. Do this, regardless of the AVG results!

    Run #1 and than #2 @ Simple and free guide to removing malware
  8. 2GB of the RAM is not enough, get more - 4GB is minimum.
  9. Disable start up items.

    Uninstall programs that u don't need.

    Do not use or install any toolbars. Use Firefox or Chrome, not the IE.
  10. Your help is really great, thanks a ton
    Just last thing more I want to know that, As I was looking to purchase more RAM so some researched on net disturbed me and I am confuse to get right RAM for me

    first in Intel website it shows "!" for my mother board compatibility with my processor

    and other thing is this table which belongs to my motherboard

    DIMM Type Processor system bus frequency Resulting memory frequency
    DDR2 533 533 MHz 533 MHz
    DDR2 533 800 MHz 533 MHz
    DDR2 533 1066 MHz 533 MHz
    DDR2 667 533 MHz 533 MHz
    DDR2 667 800 MHz 667 MHz
    DDR2 667 1066 MHz 667 MHz

    As far as I know
    My Motherboard is 'Intel D946GZIS original)" and processor is intel core 2 duo 6300 @1.86 1.86 GHz
    and RAM is DDR II 533 MHz from trancend
    and this motherboard only supports upto 4 GB DDR 2 RAM

    So I am confuse that if I can purchase 667 MHz RAM OR not
    Or even if I purchase it then will it only limit itself to 533 MHZ?

    Hope you won't mind as you already took your too much precious time
    But it will surely help me

    thanks a ton again
  11. I edited my table but it messed up again , these are three columns actually,, and all three frequencies are of diff columns

  12. OK, where are u shopping for the RAM?


    Or somewhere else? Post link to your store, so I can see what they have.

    What OS do u have?


  13. U need....

    The board has two DIMM sockets and supports the following memory features:

    1.8 V (only) DDR2 SDRAM DIMMs with gold-plated contacts
    Unbuffered, single-sided or double-sided DIMMs with the following restriction: Double-sided DIMMs with x16 organization are not supported.
    4 GB maximum total system memory
    Minimum total system memory: 128 MB
    Non-ECC DIMMs
    Serial Presence Detect
    DDR2 667 or DDR2 533 MHz SDRAM DIMMs
  14. Is this the one?

  15. OK, I am going to sleep now, but u can get any of these.

    The best for u is DDR2 667 . I think u have 2 RAM sticks in the mobo, right?

    The best is to match the RAM (if u can), and if not,

    get a new one so in this case u need 2 x 2GB RAM DDR2 667 sticks.
  16. Hi

    currently on safe mode with networking and scanning is going on
    so sorry for late reply.

    I am from India and here we use to buy directly from shops
    and these days a website is very famous so first time purchasing my chassis from here to try

    there price is good and they are reliable

    yes that is my motherboard
    and thanks to tell me about RAM as I was thinking to purchase single 4GB stick
    on my current ram 4-4-4 is written and I was looking this site there is 5-5-5

    well this is the website this time they only have 2 GB RAM sticks

    thanks for your time taken
    Have a good night and sweet dreams
  17. U have 2 slots, so u can use only 2x2GB RAM sticks. Not the 1x4GB RAM stick.
  18. BTW, I looked on that site of yours and this is the only one with exact specs that u need. U need 2 of them.

    Transcend DDR2 2 GB PC RAM (JM667QLU-2G)
    DIMM Memory Module
    240-pin Configuration
    3, 4, 5 CAS Latency
    15 Ratings | 5 Reviews
    Price: Rs. 1537
  19. THANKS TO YOU very Much

    thanks for your all help
  20. NO! U need to split it. 2x2GB

    Supported DIMM Configurations
  21. Well, my mouse just did it again and I am in safe mode hope it won't do again.

    I like your guess, this was exact timing when my mouse use to stop working

    When a motherboard starts to do problem, PC stops working ? or first it gives some indications? as I am thinking it as indications.
    for two days I couldn't do my work as it was showing I/O error and restart option on black screen (alt+ctrl+del)
    then asked to system repair(win7) when I started normally it started checking disk for error itself
    before that twice while surfing my PC hanged and when I restarted it
    it did same as I wrote above
    Hufff I am fedup
    Now working fine from yesterday like there were no problem at all

    here is a little question

    its on my current RAM 4-4-4
    and here is on suggested by you..
    3-3-3 CAS Latency

    so does it matter? or it must be same?

    Well, It was very nice to talk with u, and at that crunch time when nobody was to help here
  22. Hi

    Its next day and mouse is doing same . its a optical mouse its light also goes off and when I reattach it , works fine
  23. Hi,

    What mouse is it?
  24. Hi dear

    Good day

    its ps2 port optical mouse from intex, but I also tried it with logitech optical mouse same problem.

    Keyboard is working fine , as I remember long time before I used to check mouse on both given ports for (mouse and keyboard) in both it was showing same problem
    and keyboard is working fine
  25. Can u try another mouse?
  26. I tried logitech (another) as you said before about power tool management there are also advance option in win7, there was also graphic card power saving option turned on I made it off now

    Thanks Nikorr you are very helpful man

    I have purchased smps so question closed !

    Can u tell me how to identify if motherboard going to stop working? it shows these symptoms like we discuss? or any beep kind thing will happen
    and is it possible to change its damaged ports?
  27. Still I need to press my wire connection of HDD with motherboard as sometimes it shows ,, boot image error, system repair option
    My system hangs and even in system repair continues and never ends so I use to restart than
    and try to run it normally

    Or It hangs when window use to boot and user login window won't come

    Or sometimes it hangs while working and after that when I restarts my system it shows boot error or system repair options

    so how I can know if its motherboard doing problem or just power supply unit not working fine?
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