Asus F1A75-M PRO Motherboard Problems


I recently upgraded my PC with new CPU, PSU, RAM and Motherboard, and found a few hurdles.

Firstly, out of the 5 HDD's that I have, The BIOS only picks up 2, 1x 1TB SATA and 1x 2TB SATA. :heink:

My 500GB SATA, 250GB IDE and additional 1TB SATA drives are not been seen by the Bios, in any capacity. However these drives are in working order, as they run on my Secondary PC. I would appreciate some clarification on why this is though. They are diffrent sizes and 1 is a IDE Drive with a Coverter to SATA and are working, but for some reason are not being detected by the BIOS on the F1A75-M PRO Motherboard. I have gone over the BIOS settings numerous times, but no change.

Secondly, my ATI X1900XTX GPU is not displaying any feed when I boot up the PC. The GPU fan is running like hell all the time, with no changes on the monitor. I have adjusted the BIOS settings accordingly but still no change.

I have installed an OS and is working, except for the above problems.

I would appreciate any shout regarding what I can do to sort these issues.
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  1. what mode is your ide drive running? make sure the jumper is set on master to enable the controller
  2. I have enabled the jumpers on the IDE drive as Master, but the drive is completely ignored on bootup. Even making it as a slave does not work.
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