Need Help, Computer Issue after GPU Install.

I'm running windows 7, with a core 2 duo, 4 gigs of ram and had/have an Nvidia 8800GT. I figured it was time to upgrade so I bought an ATI 5870 which arrived today. I went to install and ran into a problem with some sata ports in the way of the card. I took out some unnessecary hard drives I had installed and plugged in the GPU.

Be advised I had this on my kitchen table doing it, PSU was unlugged from the wall...

When I turned the computer back on I got an error about new hardware and I'd need to run windows recovery. I assumed this had to do with the missing Sata ports because it also mentioned something about missing information. I took out the ATI card and reinstalled my 8800GT, I then plugged in the hard drives I had unplugged. When I turned the PC back on I had the same problems.

I grabbed my windows recovery disk, tossed it in, went to bios and booted from the dvd drive. This would have likely worked except windows making me 'hit any key to boot from dvd drive' well the keyboard at this point isn't working. I checked bios and yes it is enabled.

I'm lost here in regards to what to do any help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. Note

    I have removed the Nvidia card, unplugged the PSU, taken out the battery and attempted to boot using the onboard graphics and I run into the same issue.
  2. well this does happens when you install a new hardware, i remember when i had a pentium 4 2.4ghz and fx5200 and i tried to boot up windows 7 it crashed the same way as it did to you.for me it was hard drive problem but it was fixed as i took out the card and just did a bios reset(didnt took out battery).and it ran fine.ran it for two days then installed the card and it ran just fine.
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