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Hey guys,

I'm currently looking for an N Router for a co-worker of mine. She'll be using it to stream Netflix movies, mainly. What's a good router for that purpose? I looked at the DIR-655 and it has horrible reviews on it. Would a dual band router be best suited for her purpose?
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  1. I would recomend Linksys E2000 and if she wants to do some heavy HD content I would go for a Linksys E3000 ate best buy it is being sell for $150. Would she be streaming movies to her laptop or pc with wireless NIC or to her TV through a cable box or like new blueray players that are capable to be wired conected to the internet? The reason I asked it is because dual band routers are only use for wireless connections.

    Dual band routers provide 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency and most wireless devices connect through 2.4 GHzfrequency, as a result 5 GHz are less congested. So it is a good idea to set up your dual band router to provide 5Ghz frequency for a more stable connection. However, not all wireless devices are capable to use 5 GHz, so make sure that her laptop or wireless device supports 5GHz, if it does not support 5 GHz frequency there will be no connection.

    Let me know.
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