New 1080 monitor causes desktop to become very slow

Hi, this is my first post on this forum... I think, I was just a regular reader of tomshardware. But anyway, I bought a new monitor recently; when my old 17 in one died I got a 23 in lg 1080p monitor. After I set it up, boot time was noticeably longer and my computer is significantly slower. Programs take more than a few minutes to open and web browsing is also slow. Things frequently stop responding and youtube videos skip and stutter.

After some testing, i found out the computer returns to normal when i lower my resolution from 1080 to 720. There are occasional hiccups in simple tasks, so it wasn't the same but it is much better. So I suppose my graphics card can't handle the new monitor at it's native resolution?

I have a foxconn 8800 gts 640mb (factory oc'ed) graphics card, an intel core 2 duo E6850 3.0 ghz, 4gb gskill DDR2 800.

I built this computer like 4 years ago, and i have been able to play games like gta4 and dead space. I knew there would have been a performance decrease with a larger monitor but i didnt know it would render my computer almost useless. I could buy a new graphics card but i dont have a pci express 2.0 x16 slot, just the 1.x. What do you guys suggest i do that would be the cheapest workable option?

If you guys need more specs or info i can provide. I just want to know what i can do to get my computer running with the new monitor's native resolution. Would a new graphics card help? I would appreciate any and all feedback, thanks in advance. :) sorry for any misspellings, i wrote this on a phonr at school.
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  1. That's definitely wierd. Off the top of my head, I think maybe you have your old monitor display drivers installed. Usually there's some basic drivers that come with new monitors. If you can, uninstall the old and reinstall the new. You might also try completely removing Nvidia drivers and reinstalling the newest ones after you have the monitor set up.

    Driver Sweeper might be able to help (usually do an uninstall in Add/Remove programs first, then run this program)

    Other than that I'm not sure what would cause it. At desktop it shouldn't have changed anything.
  2. Thanks I'll try that when i get home. I dont think i had any drivers installed for the old monitor because they weren't compatable with vista.
  3. Unfortunately, uninstalling, and installing new drivers did not help at all... If anything, it got worse, as it froze at start up on 1080 res. I don't know if its a hardware or software issue really. In safe mode, it works just like it used to, but with really ugly resolution. I don't really know what to do now, its really frustrating. Any more help would be greatly appreciated!
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