I have 2 ATI HD 5870 video cards what slots on motherboard do they need to be in

I have a ASUS Rampage III Extreme with Intel Core i7 3.07ghz quad core and two ATI HD 5870 video cards, which slots on motherboard do I need to use to run 3 Monitors using DVI? Im not a gamer, I use muliti monitors for web designing.
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  1. Typically you should install them in the slots closest to the CPU, but this isnt always required. If you are not using Crossfire then the second card can go in any slot.
  2. I did look at manual it says to use slot 1 and 3 if your using crossfire.
    I m not using crossfire so I didnt know if I had to have them in those slots.
  3. I installed the cards in the first two slots, it works great until I shut down my PC, when I turn it back on It goes to the boot screen and I get either or card working not both at same time, I shut down clear CMOS restart then both cards boot up just fine. How can I get away from doing this everytime I shut down my pc?
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