No video with Graphics Card. Checked everything.

Hello friends.

I just build my first PC and here's a problem.

When graphics card isn't installed, the system will boot normally. I installed Windows7 and motherboard drivers.

Then I install Graphics Card on PCIE-16, the monitor goes to power saving mode. I can hear Windows7 starting, so PC is booting but monitor is blank.

Monitor is connected to integrated graphics. I've tried to connect to the Graphic Card too, but didnt work either.

Video card is connected to PSU by a 2 x 6pin that comes with the PSU. It's fan works!

If I remove Graphics Card, everything will work just fine.

Computer is a
i7 2600K
GTX 460
Gigabyte H67A-UDR3H-B3
Corsair 550W

What should I do?

Sorry for bad english.

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  1. Problem has changed.

    I setup BIOS to boot only to onboard video. Installed the GPU and connected to PSU. So the PC starts windows7 normally and I was able to Install GPU drivers. But still, if I disconnect monitor from onboard and connect to GPU, monitor goes to power saving again.

    What should I do?
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