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Hello, I was wondering a little more about the Nvidia vs ATI for dx 10 and previous games. I bought a 570 and noticed it does not run certain games (such as Arma2) like how I would want them to. My other question, is that the new processors have a 'graphics clock' built in, so would that add to the nvidia processing DX10 and previous games?
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  1. I guess I don't understand what you mean by graphics clock. Do you mean the core clock of the graphics processor? Is it because you're considering overclocking the card?

    Also, are you running the latest drivers with the 570? What is it about how Arma 2 is running that you don't like?
  2. arma 2 is a pretty recent game and should run great on a gtx570. You should look at using different drivers and making sure the game is updated and windows/directx is updated. i dont know what you mean by "graphics clock built in" that makes no sense. A DX11 card has all the abilities a DX10 card has plus it has DX11 abilities, its not missing something a DX10 card has. If your having problems with ARMA 2 maybe you need to look into why, your gfx card i doubt would be the problem. From memory ARMA 2 is fairly CPU dependant. http://www.pcgameshardware.com/aid,687620/ArmA-2-tested-Benchmarks-with-18-CPUs/Practice/ heres some baseline figures of what to expect. list your pc's full specs
  3. The "new processors" you are talking about - do you mean Intel's new Sandy Bridge processors, with built in graphics? They do have a built in graphics processor, but only for people who dont want to buy a standalone graphics card. There are 2 types of motherboard for Sandy Bridge CPUs: P67 and H67. The P67 boards are for overclocking, and do NOT support the on-chip graphics. They just use the CPU as a CPU (a bloody fast one at that!). The H67 boards can be paired with a sandy bridge CPU and then you can run Intels new integrated graphics core. But you CANT overclock.

    Using a dedicated GPU like your GTX 570 is possible on either motherboard type (p67 or h67) because all of the boards have a PCIExpress 16 slot on them. But if you had a h67 board with a GTX 570, the GTX 570 would BYPASS the on-chip graphics of the CPU. The on-chip graphics will NOT give a boost to the speed of the GTX 570. The GTX 570 is about 10x faster than the on-chip GPU anyway. But if you had an office computer then you could use the on-chip CPU and you would not need a dedicated graphics card.

    Even a system-heavy game like Arma2 should run good on a GTX 570. The GTX 570 is a new and powerfull breed of card. Maybe you CPU is bottlenecking the game, if your CPU is 2 or 3 years old, and not very powerful then that would be the culprit. But you should check you are using the latest NVidia drivers:


    And the latest game patch:


    Before you deicide your CPU is rubbish ;)
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