Do I need a wireless router or wireless adapter to connect my network?

Hello, I am moving my computer upstairs in my home and I do not want to have wires going threw out my house to connect my router to my computer upstairs, I heard about wireless router and wireless adapters, im not sure which to get to connect my computer that will be upstairs to my home network. I was also told i do not need another router to connect with my router downstairs is that true and i only need an adapter? I really need help im not to sure which i need to connect to my home network. Also if i get an adapter does it have to be compatible with my computer specs (like motherboard, PCI express, whatnot?) Thank you for reading and helping :??:
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  1. It depends on whether or not you router has wireless capability and whether or not you computer has an internal wireless card (equipped on most modern laptop systems). If your router does not have wireless capability you need a wireless access point to connect to it; and if your computer does not have an on-board wireless adapter, then you will need one of those as well.

    Wireless adapters come in various forms. They can be PCI (plug into your motherboard), or USB (self-explanatory), or they can connect to your computers ethernet port.

    Honestly it would probably be more cost effective to just purchase a wireless router if your router isn't already wireless capable. An example is Linksys' WRT54G.
  2. What router are you currently using?

    Do you have a desktop or laptop?
  3. I have desktop and my router is a 2 wire gateway 2700HG-E
  4. It seems you have a G router which should work just fine.

    I prefer internal network cards over USB.

    depending on the available slots in you desktop I list two options:

    PCI card:

    PCIe card:

    If you have a 1x PCIe slot, get the ASUS network card.
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