Which 6950 to choose? (or wait for 6990?)

Hi guys!

I bought a Gainward GTX 560 Ti a couple of days ago, since it was on sale, but I'm not super excited about its cooling abilities. There's no cooling on the memory and unless I leave the case open, it is a lot warmer than benchmarks I studied before I bought the card.

Instead of buying a more expensive 560, with better cooling, I've decided to return the 560 and go for a 6950 2gb. The price is pretty much the same, the performance seems better overall, and I also plan to flash it to get even more value.

Should I wait for the 6990? Not because I intend to buy it, since it'll probably be over my budget, but if the release affects the price market?

If the conclusion is that I should buy the 6950 now, which brand should I choose, and why?

I'm primarily going for good stock cooling and low noise. And it should be flashable.

The following are avaliable where I live: HIS, PowerColor, XFX, MSI, Asus, Sapphire, Gigabyte. They pretty much cost the same and all look similar.

What are your suggestions?
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  1. I doubt we'll see the prices change much for the rest of this year on the newest cards. The 6990 would be above the current 6970, so more expensive. They would only drop the prices if cards come out to compete at a specific price point.

    For cooling I think the best are Sapphire VaporX, MSI TwinFrozr, and Asus DirectCU. Can't really go wrong with those. And I'm pretty sure they're all flashable right now but I think for that you should just do some research after you narrow down to 1 or 2 cards.
  2. Thanks!

    And if I were to choose between non pre-overclock cards? The ones you mention are a bit more expensive. Does it matter which one of the non-overclocked card that I choose, or do they all use a reference cooler?
  3. Nah all reference models will be pretty much identically.
  4. Anything negative about an XFX? It's in a store nearby ... :)
  5. Yeah, but they are also a little bit more expensive - and unfortunately not available in the stores where I shop.

    Which is the best reference card when it comes to noise?
  6. i cant help you whith wich wan you have to by i just want to say dat i byed a sapphire hd 6950 2 gig, a few days a go and i,m very happy with it, te temp wen i,m playing crysis is around 70 degrees but thats not to hot because these carts get hotter dan a older version. because i was,t sure i contacted sapphire and the cart can get easy 100 degrees and stil be stablile. the temp is in my case idle at 35/38 degrees. i have a coolermaster haf 932, but in a normal case the temp is idle around 45 degrees. gool luck with your dession. o and the noise?? i,m not hearing it.
  7. ^ Wow...

    newbourne said:

    Which is the best reference card when it comes to noise?

    The reference ones are, well, reference cards. They are all the same. If you can find the Asus DirectCU II in a local store, grab it. :bounce:
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