Types of memory for AM3+ Motherboard!

Hi im after the types of memory (ram) that will suit an am3+ motherboard.
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  1. non ecc cl 9 desktop ram is the most common; I try to get 1.5v, but 1.65v will also work fine on amd boards. Something like this in 8 or 16 gb will work fine; pay attention to the heat spreader height if the ram may interfere with your video card: http://shopping.dallasnews.com/ROP/ads.aspx?advid=2519&adid=12774935&subid=38491248&type=.
  2. What capacity do you need?

    There are many options. DDR3-1600 is common, anything above may require overclocking, everything under should be fairly plug and play.

    The lower the CL timing, the "quicker" the memory.

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