Acer motherboard problems, maybe something else.

I have an Acer Aspire Notebook I believe the model is 5700i. I have replaced the hard drive, keyboard and wifi adapter all without a hitch.
However recently it has developed an annoying and probably harmful error. After about an hour of use, if I should happen to bump it, press one of the touchpad buttons or maybe even move it, it seems to seize up. The seizing is something I have not seen before. Typically the screen with still be visible but everything is blurred. Also if sound is playing at the time an extremely obnoxious sometimes high pitched sound will play.
My guess is either the hard drive is getting bumped since it is directly under the touch pad (But that makes little sense) or the mother board(AMD). Any thoughts guys?
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  1. Sounds like an overheating issue here. Are any of the parts you replaced larger, or shapped differently than the stock ones? Check to see if any of the air vents are being blocked, by either the components, or dust. Make sure your fans are all working.
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