Can I Install 4x 140mm Fans On 1x 4-Pin Adapter ?????


I Wanted To Ask,

Can I Install 4x 140mm Fans On Just 1x 4-Pin Adapter ?????


Can I Install 2x 140mm Fans On Just 1x 4-Pin Adapter ?????

I Am Asking Becox I Don't Want Mess Of Wires In My Case, See Ya' ;) !

Please Reply Soon & Thanx In Advance ! ;) !
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  1. You can do 4 off of a single one, that shouldnt be an issue. Im rather curious what case you have that you have this many 140mm fans.
  2. Buddy,

    Actually I Gonna Use 2x Radiators To Cool My Computer & 1 Radiator Can Have 4 Fans Attached To It, So Am Gonna Attach 4 Fans At Front Of It & 4 Fans At Back Of It !, I Don't Want My Computed To Be Filled With Many Many Wires ! :'( ! , I Want Decent Wiring In My PC-Case & Thanx For Reply !

    & One More Question !

    Can I Also Attach 8x 140mm Fans To A Single 4-Pin Adapter ????? If Yes, Then Tell Me How Many Fans Can A 4-Pin Adapter Hold !

    Thanx In Advance !
  3. Are you talking about 4 fans on one fan motherboard header? I'd have thought that's not possible. You can get splitter cables that have a molex connection and multiple fan connectors...they have the molex as the increase in fans needs more power.

    As for tidiness, if you can mount that number of fans in your case it's likely a high-end case? Just use it's cable-tidying features and square them away out of sight.
  4. No, Buddy Am Talking About This 4-Pin Adapter


    See The Image & Then Tell !
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    You can daisy chain four fans off of a molex connector easily, thats not really a concern, fans dont pull very much power so its fine.
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