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Dear sir,
I have ga-k8ne motherboard+nforce4-4x chipset+gforce 6200(gv-nx62tc256de) grafic cart.My PC was working well.Suddenly it hang up.I restarted but there was no video and start-up bip.The grafic cart is ok on other pc's and other grafic carts work on my pc.but my grafic cart not working on my pc anymore!
help me plz.
Best regards.
Milos richards
Yabofanary at yahoo dot com
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  1. You have established that your card works and you have established that another card works in your board! I would inspect the slot connectors, your card might not get full contact for some reason.
  2. Check for dust in the slot and underneath as it could have a very minor impact but rare. Also check the vrm phases near the slot for burn marks or building or failed caps as electrolytic caps are some times used even though some have the appearance of solid state caps. If all efforts fail then likely you may need to replace your board.
  3. i think hit problem with your card. please cheq out the card fan is working well?
  4. Dear sir's,
    Thank you allot for your attentions.
    My friend told me that it might be due to software auto-updates which can be incompatible wiyh other parts.I'm not sure....
    Best regards
    Milos Richards
    ....What a nice forume here!
  5. jmaheshvari said:
    i think hit problem with your card. please cheq out the card fan is working well?

    Dear jmaheshvari,
    I already checked my mainboard.Result:chipset failed,it's funny that other grafic carts work properly.
    Best regards
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