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"alright, i just got some info from a friend of mine that works for an
unnamed magazine.

anyways, here's what can be confirmed..."

-Looks like a Game & Watch (i don't know if he means litereally, or if
it will have the same layout)
-Has SNES Style Button Layout. Will Have 4 Face Buttons.
-No Link Cable, All Wireless (i wonder if this means there's no
expansion ports on the system)
-Alll Games Use Stylus
-Screens Are Far Apart
-Select, Start, and Power Buttons Also on Face
-Backwords Compatible with GameBoy Advance.
-Seperate Slot for DS games.
-Silver and Black
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  1. Archived from groups:,,,, (More info?)

    Here's the USA Today report, with photo...

    Looks pretty cool, though on the large side. I've really gotten to
    appreciate the size of the SP. Article says it's compatible with GBA
    games, I wonder if the Bluetooth link works as a virtual link cable
    with the older games?


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