Max core temp for i5 2500k

hello i have just purchased a 2500k aswell and at a room temp of 80f=26 or 27c my core temps are around 32ish at idle under load with prime blend around 60ish non overclocked using a coolermaster hyper n 520 cooler is this ok?
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  1. It is a little high for a non-overclocked system but nothing to worry about... IMO.

    You should be good to go, just monitor your temps from time to time to make sure they aren't running hotter.
  2. Actually they are fine dude, i just bought an i5 2500k with an asus maximus gene-z board using an a50 corsair cooler, my temperatures are practically the exact same, your room temp is a bit better than mine. at a full load at 3.7 GHZ and 37 multi, it sits around 45-48C. hope this helps.
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