OCing an i5-750 with an H50?

Hey guys, what do you think is a stable OC for the i5-750 with a Corsair H50?

Also, how do you go about OCing an i5-750?
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  1. Stable OC has more to do with the CPU than the cooler. The cooler simply keeps it below its thermal maximum.

    For example my 955 has plenty of thermal headroom, but from 1.4v to 1.5v it doesn't get stable past 3.9 GHz. But my temps are still fine.

    To overclock the i5-750 you have to adjust the BCLK which in-turn changes other frequencies. In which case you have to adjust their multipliers to keep them close to their stock speeds(generally) If my memory serves me right there is some multiplier changes you can make to the actual CPU but it's very limited(like going from 21x to 22x)

    I think there is an Intel overclocking guide in the overclocking section.
  2. So you have no idea how much a stable frequency would be for the 750?
  3. It's different for every chip, that's what I was trying to say. Some get 4.0 GHz some less, some higher.
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