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With a $300 budget I want to upgrade this system;

CPU: Intel Core2Duo E4600 @ 2.4 ghz
Ram: 4GB 2x2 Kingston Value Ram PC2-5300
Motherboard: MSI P6NGM-L
PSU: Ultra LSP 650W

First I was thinking about just upgrading the processor to an E8400 for $170, but after more research and reading the Best Gaming CPU's for April 2011, I came across the i3-2100 and the i5-2500K .... I found out for about $270-300 I could have a new motherboard, a much better CPU, and DDR3 Dual Channel Ram ...

I'm asking for advice on either sticking with what I have and just upgrading to an E8400,
OR can someone tell me the best motherboard, cpu, and ram within my budget !

Thank you for your time :)
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  1. I5 is better, Also a new GPU such as a ATI 6870 .
  2. Not really looking to upgrade the video card for a while, just the CPU atleast ...
  3. E4600 to E8400 is not really any difference.

    Newegg has not updated the combos yet but a i5-2500k+p67=~$330 lowest. Or if you don't overclock i5-2400+h61=~$270. But you would also need ram so add another $50.
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