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XMP makes strange HW noises


I have a weird issue...

When I enable XMP and put my PC under load it makes strange hardware noises, I know the fans should spin up to compensate for heat but its not fan noise (no, its not the speakers either).
It makes different types of high pitched whistling sounds that change as windows runs a hardware assessment.

And the CPU Core speed ramps up to 4200MHz :ouch: but stays under 60C

ASUS P8Z68-M Pro
i5 2500K
Corsair CMX8GX3M2A1600C9 (2x4GB DDR3 1600MHz)
CoolerMaster eXtreme RP-600-PCAR (600W)
Win 7 x64 Ult

Any help?
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  1. Ok it sounds like it comes from the PSU.
    Is that a bad thing?
  2. mmmmmm
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    Well i though about not replying and i think other might think the same after your comment above.

    First i have the same memory chips, but i have 4 of them for 16 GB. These are the XMS memory and do not support XMP profiles unless your CPU bus voltage can be set to the 1.65 volts this memory is tested at. My K875 did not support this higher voltage correctly so it did not support XMP completely. You might want to check on that.

    Noise from the PS would seem that it is overloaded and if not, then it is just cheap and not made well.
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