I5-2500K based system

First of all, hello everyone!
I'm building a budget/gamer system, and would appreciate your assistance:

Approximate Purchase Date: this week.

Budget Range: 700-800 Eur

System Usage from Most to Least Important: gaming, virtuallization, home server

Parts Not Required: keyboard, mouse, speakers, monitor

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: http://itsvet.com (global store price coverage of IT equipment in Serbia)

Country of Origin: Serbia

Parts Preferences: Intel CPU/nVidia Graphics

Overclocking: Yes (not to overly much, but want to make enough breathing room just in case)

SLI or Crossfire: No (but in near future)

Monitor Resolution: Any. Got a CRT monitor at the moment, but I will probably be getting a cheap 1440x900 TFT.

Additional Comments: The PC is necessary to be time-proof. I might not be getting a new one in next couple of years.

What I have planned so far:

CPU: Core i5-2500K

Graphics: Can't decide between MSI GeForce GTX 560 1GB GDDR5 Ti Twin Frozr II OC GTX560-TI,

Motherboard: (still not decided)

RAM: KINGSTON 4GB 1333MHz DDR3 HyperX Blu KHX1333C9D3B1/4G

HDD: SAMSUNG SpinPoint F3 1TB 7k 32MB SATA300 HD103SJ

Power Supply: Still undecided which would fit me the best.

Basically GTX 560 is not a must, but as far as I know, nVidia is not having any compatibility issues with linuxes and supports CUDA and PhysX, and performs even better than Radeon 6950, which has bigger memory bandwith if I'm not wrong.

I am open to any kind of advice you may provide, and therefore, thanks in advance.
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  1. Ati 6870 is top line ati and is WORTH it if you corss fire it is like. BEASTY
  2. Any benchmarks or any other statistics that could prove your conclusion?
    I am seriously not into buying an ATi card, since as far as I see, right now GPU battle is being won by nVidia. Add the problems I've encountered with earlier ATis (not counting 4xxx/5xxx). Also keep in mind that at the time being I am not getting dualGPUs. It is a thing to come.
  3. (strange that the forum doesn't allow me to edit my messages, but forces me to double post, but oh well, here it goes)

    Reasons I'm against getting a 6870, besides the ATi's poor support for linuxes, and lack of CUDA and PhysX (not sure how necessary last two are):
    Reasons why I'm against getting a 6870, except the linux compatibility issues:
  4. Here http://www.gpureview.com/show_cards.php?card1=641&card2=635

    linux is just junk. If you get a card like that W7 is the best choice.
  5. I'd say that you're expressing your opinion without previous knowledge of the topic. (@linux is just junk comment). Also, it is a necessity. So IF possible I'd go for a card that'll be usable on it as well. If however I will be noticing more of a performance overhand over GTX 560, I'd go for your suggestion. However the link you have provided only states GPU infos, which are theoretical.
    Can you provide me with some actual benchmarks?

    Other than that, what power supply should I get?
  6. Can you even play games on linux lol?
  7. Indeed. Sir, as I said, I am building an all around PC. It is not only meant for gaming. Also, as far as I have noticed, 6870 is not really on a par with GTX 560 when it comes to actual in-game FPS.

    Thing that bothers me is: which power supply should I take for this configuration, that would be suitable enough for running the system?
  8. Addison just insists on everyone should get a 6870 or 5770. The 560 rivals the 6950 and it's pretty close battle for nvidia and amd but amd has lower prices at most price ranges. For sli/cf you will need a mobo that has 2 pcie x16 slots and the ones you listed do not. Go with asrock extreme 4, asus p8p67 pro, gigabyte ud4, or msi gd65 for sli/cf. And for sli/cf you'd want a 750w psu corsair, antec, seasonic, or xfx.
  9. 1200 watt. Just to kill the earth.
  10. @k1114

    And this forum is basically just intel lovers.
  11. @k1114: Thank you sir!
    I have listed two motherboards, second one is - if I'm not wrong ASUS P8P67-M PRO B3, I guess that's the appropriate one? First one must have slipped in by mistake.

    In your opinion, would 560 be a better investment than 6950, or vice versa?
  12. In my opinion this forum is FILLED with Intel fanboys.
  13. Now you're just trolling. Currently any build with SB $400+ will get better performance until BD for amd which is not far away.

    Yes that m-pro will work and is a bit cheaper than the regular pro. The 560 and 6950 are really close, I'd make sure which is more compatible with linux.
  14. Can a intel be OC to 8.0? No but a amd could.
  15. @addison: Pesronally, in the past years, I was a total AMD/ATi fan! I was quite determined to keep it that way, until I have seen the mistake of my ways if I can express like that. Intel's core series... They are just way more advanced than any of AMD's currently available cores. And as you can see, AMD is coming late once again, since Bulldozer (that's the codename?) just a bit earlier than Intel's 22nm Ivy Bridge.
    ATi can't brag with anything else either. They have out-shined nVidia with 5xxx and nVidia's 4xx thermal issues. Now? Things have changed, but still ATi, ain't that late, and can stand on a par with nVidia.

    So the question remains: GTX 560? Or 6950?
  16. But you might want to get an atx for a little bit more breathing room if you have 2 cards, I just noticed the slots are pretty close.
  17. Nvidia.
  18. Sidenote @addison: You're probably trying to refer to TWKR? I must say, those series left me in awe. But I thought you'd already know that TWKR came in limited series - counting only 100 processors ever made.

    @k1114: ATi you mean? Yes, indeed, this mobo, may not be the best choice for nVidia SLI, could you suggest some other motherboard? Or would getting a 2GB version of GTX 560 be worth it?
  19. Atx is mobo size, the m-pro is matx. I did suggest other mobos that are atx. 1gb vs 2gb is not really any difference. I would look at getting a 1080p monitor though, they're usually not much more. Here in the US it's only $10 more form a 20" 1440x900 vs a 21.5" 1920x1080.
  20. Atx/ATi misunderstandment: Oh excuse me on my lack of knowledge!

    About 2GBs: I am making a configuration that is meant to stand the test of time at least for a while, might not 1GB get a bit overwhelmed in near future? Even 2GB in SLI/CF? Just a thought, I've been literally living in the dark lately, at least on the field of IT.

    Monitors: Too bad it's only there in the US :/
    Sometimes I wish I was a damn American, life'd have been much easier.
    Oh well, I might get a deal on such screen, but I'll have to be on a look out. For now I've got a 21" CRT, which does the job. (although it's huge)
  21. 1gb is plenty for a single 1080p monitor and the 560 or 6950 are both overkills at that low resolution 1440x900.
  22. I will change to 1080 sooner or later, so I'd rather not save a penny now so it'd hurt me later on.

    Would this motherboard be appropriate?

    I cannot find PSU's you've mentioned available in our shops. Would a Cheiftec's one be all right?
  23. That is the mobo I was talking about. Was searching around for reviews on th psu and it'll do. It's said to be similar to the corsair tx750.

    1gb will definitely not hurt you. Even if you sli with multiple monitors, it'll be good.
  24. Yeha a sli = more power more power = a ending earth.

    People like you just kill the earth.
  25. addison said:
    Yeha a sli = more power more power = a ending earth.

    People like you just kill the earth.

    You do realize that with a 1200 watt PSU, the computer still only pulls the wattage that is needed right? Plus, power usage does nothing to harm the earth, it is the power producing part. For all you know this guy is running on solar or wind...

    Please stop commenting.
  26. The configuration is almost finished.
    One last thought however is would I see any performance boost with 1600MHz RAM? I'm going for a P67 motherboard, so I might as well make the RAM run the full speed.


    I think I won't go for 1080.
    Not only I can't find a good value for price here (usually way too small 20/21.5"s with 1080p)
    So I will probably go for 1600x900 or something like that.
    Is this GPU an overkill for that? If so, suggest me something else!
    However I would like to possibly max out stuff at that resolution aswell.
  27. Hi Johnny,
    1600mhz is a decent bump. But, it you had to decide between 1333mhz ram with tight timings and 1600mhz with loose timings, go for the one with the tight timings.
    On the GPU side, a 560 is not overkill for 1600x900. Although, 1600x900 monitors are only $50 less than 1080p ones, so if it were me I would wait to grab an HD monitor.
    A 560 should be able to max all games at 1600x900, but won't be wasted at all.
  28. I was thinking about HD6850 for 1600.
    Perhaps I'm wrong, tho I'm thinking I'm not gonna spend all my cash for the rig.
    At the moment configuration is at 690 with i5-2500k, Gigabyte GTX 560 Ti, Kingston HyperX 4gb 1 stick I mentioned, a cheaper asrock pro board (no CF/SLi will be going around there probably anyways) http://itsvet.com/proizvod/asrock-p67-pro3-b3/comp_comp_mboard/149/1842.

    Is 750W necessary for that rig actually?
  29. I do not understand what you mean by "will be going around there probably anyways." 1 ram stick will make you run in single channel and I'm assuming you'll buy another later? If you are not sli/cf you only need 650w. Stick with the 560 if you're going with no sli/cf. I'd still get a 1080p 20" over a 1600x900 20"

    Cl9 1600 is actually better than cl7 1333 but as you can see for games it's not of any concern. http://www.bit-tech.net/hardware/memory/2011/01/11/the-best-memory-for-sandy-bridge/6
  30. I'm saying that there's a great chance that I won't be getting SLI there, but I'll think about this. If things stay as they are, I surely will. Thank you everyone for your input, I think I'm settled!
  31. bheslar said:
    You do realize that with a 1200 watt PSU, the computer still only pulls the wattage that is needed right? Plus, power usage does nothing to harm the earth, it is the power producing part. For all you know this guy is running on solar or wind...

    Please stop commenting.

    It does, The more power = the more NUCLEAR power is drawn to make energy.
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