5870 1gb Crossfire with 5870 2gb vs 5870 2gb

as the title states, which is the better option? Will crossfiring the two 5870s (and losing 1gb of VRAM from the 2GB version) be better (performance wise) then having just the 2gb version?

btw, i have the 1gb version now (with eyefinity)
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  1. yes the peformance of two 5870s surpass 1 5870 2 gig edition, in most games today it will do great, games coming out soon are gonna need more than 1 gig of graphic card, so its up to u, why not just buy another 2 gig 5870,
  2. thats what i was thinking, just wanted to make sure...

    i would be buying the 2gb version (i already have the 1gb)
  3. it comes down to choice my friend ;)
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