Need advice on upgrade

Hey everyone,
currently i have:
AMD X6 1090T
Asrock 880G Extreme3
Radeon HD 5770 1GB
if i have $150, what you recommend to upgrade my computer, I plan to sell my old parts to buy a new one.
I use my computer for gaming and programming.
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  1. Sell the ati 5770 and buy a ati 6870 iceq tubro by HIS

    How much power supply or wattage do you have?
  2. I don't know. but on the box printed 700
  3. I agree, I would upgrade the graphics. That motherboard supports crossfire, so your best bet in my opinion would be to grab another one for xfire, as long as you have a second PCI 6 pin available on your power supply. What monitor do you have? you could always get a better monitor if you have an old one.
  4. Samsung SyncMaster B1630 15.6"
  5. What company is the PSU, just because it is 700w doesn't mean it is ACTUALLY a 700w. Some 1Kw power supplies only supply 300-400w of power.
  6. Thermaltake LP-700
  7. no, litepower 700w model LP-700AL2NX
  8. I wouldn't not imagine it to be able to run CF 5770 in other words handle it.
  9. so, do i need to upgrade my PSU first, and what should i buy.
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    It's likely if you add an extra 5770 you'll need to upgrade. But if you just stick with a single card, IE 6870, then you probably won't need too.

    Honestly though, your resolution is so small you don't even need a graphics card upgrade. You really don't need to upgrade anything. The only thing I see needed is another 4GB or ram, I hear programming takes up a bit of ram space. (That is that's what my teacher in Comp Prog. tells me about Eclipse)
  11. Buy them at the same time Lol.
  12. so the best buy for me is another 4GB ram, ok
  13. Or another Hard drive and ram.
  14. my hard drive 250 GB Seagate Barracuda + 500 GB WD Caviar, and i don't like SSD
  15. Oh. Then ram upgrade, is the best you can do for now.
  16. OK thank you everyone
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