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I have a WRT54G2 Linksys router version 1.0, and I have found a firmware update for it. However, it is a bin. file, and I was wondering, how to I install a bin. file update for my router? Thanks for any information.
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  1. Have a look at the router manual -- there's a routine for updating the firmware using the user setup screens -- the BIN file will be imported from your hard disk as required.

    Make sure that you update with a wired connection between the computer and the router.
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    Go to Linksys website and download to your desktop the latest firmware. Once saved log into your router and click on "Administrator" and click on sub-tab "Firmware Upgrade", click on "Choose File" (the file you saved to the desktop so you can find it easy), then click on "Upgrade" and wait till it's done. When done it will tell you if it was successful or not, if it is successful go through the set-up again to set it up how you want, save the changes and your done. Just make sure your pluged in to the router with a LAN cable and the power to the router and computer your using won't loose power. If you do loose power or the LAN connection during the upgrade, you could "Brick" the router, but as long as your LAN and power connection are good 99% you'll be fine. Hope this helps.
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  4. Thanks guys!
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