A7GM-S 1.0 AMD Phenom upgrade. Help!

Hey everyone. I am having a tough time deciding which way to go with my Phenom upgrade. I'm looking at the Phenom II X4 965 mainly for the price, but I have also seen reports that it performs better in gaming benchmark tests than my other choice: The Phenom II X6 1045T. The 1045T is a certified pass on cpu-upgrade.com but the X4 965 isn't listed. Now I am not a very intense PC gamer (although that is mainly what I use my desktop for), but I do like whatever I am playing to run well and look good. I was set on the 965, but as I cannot find any info on whether or not my board will support it, I may have to go with the 1045T. Unless anyone can point me in a better direction, or advise me on my two choices that is. I am currently using an Athlon X2 3.0ghz windsor. I am attempting a budget of $150.00

Anyone running the 1045T or the X4 965 on their A7GM-S 1.0 would really be able to help me out. If not I will take the expert advice to be found here. Thank you!

I am also upgrading my RAM from 4g to 8g (The max this mobo can support)
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  1. Hey man, you are right that x4 is better for gaming since most games only runs on dual core and barely recognizes quad. Sadly though our board cannot handle more than 3.3Ghz(Phenom II x6 1100T) cause the 965 is 3.4Ghz. The cpu-upgrade list is the same as Foxconn's so I say that you should just get the 955BE and never get the 1045T cause 2.7vs3.2 number of cores doesnt really matter
  2. Yeah I looked around for a 955 BE but I couldn't find any for a decent price. I went with the X6 1045T. The price was right: $110. It was definitely compatible after I flashed BIOS and it has Turbo Core which switches to three 3.2ghz cores when needed. So I figured it was the best choice in front of me. I hope my experience with it proves me right :p
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