I5-2500k Low Performance

So I did the 3DMark 11 Performance test today and my results are here:


My physics score seems extremely low. I haven't overlcocked my CPU yet but should it still be much higher even though its stock? Everything else seems fine except for the physics score and combined score. Any ideas?
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  1. your processor is running at 2.0 GHz where it's supposed to be 3.3GHz, your bios settings may be messed up.
  2. I looked in the BIOS and everything appears to be fine so I think it might bee a cooler problem. I just reseated the cooler and I'll do another test once I'm done cleaning up my case.

    I'll make sure to post my results after to see if that fixed the problem.
  3. Get HWmonitor and Prime95 and do yourself a torture test (small FFT) while monitoring your temps.

    Is there a BIOS update available for your mobo?
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