Do I have a dead motherboard? No beep, no BIOS screen.

processor fan runs but there is no display?
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  1. wasimmau said:
    processor fan runs but there is no display?

    without knowing your ram and mb spec at a min I would start by seeing if all the cables are pluuged in..the extra 8 pin cables and power to the video card. if you dont get it to post check to see the ram your using is tested for that mb.
    on other trick os to put the mb and the vide card and ram ontop of the mb box it come with outside the case to see if you shorted the mb putting it in the case.
  2. First, what are your system specs?

    Right now, all we know is that your system does not work. Your problem could be caused by a lot of things: bad PSU, bad motherboard, bad memory, bad CPU, bad assembly.

    I am guessing you do not have much experience. So, first:
    to make sure that you didn't make any simple mistakes.

    Work systematically through our standard checklist and troubleshooting thread:
    I mean work through, not just read over it. We spent a lot of time on this. It should find most of the problems.
  3. Coincidence?
    I was away from home for one week. When I returned my computer was dead. No BIOS activity, black screen, etc. The only thing operating was the processor fan and the little green light on the motherboard. I could neither hear nor feel C drive activity. I removed all the cards and extra drives preparing to take my computer to some smart technicians like y'all.

    I remembered that the little battery on the motherboard had not been replaced for a decade or so (literally). So I gently installed a new battery and tried booting the computer one last time. Everything took off. There was a quick flash about BIOS (too quick to read) and within a minute my computer was working normally.
    Can a dead battery stall a computer so dead that NOTHING works? I don't know--I'm not even a hardware hobbyist.
    Did I "bump" something to restore some mysterious connection? Unlikely. I had very gently removed the video card and two (data) drives because I'm a computer user--not a technician.

    Does BIOS depend upon the battery rather than the power supply? (That's my non-technician's guess.)
    What do you folks think about this?
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