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2x 9800 GTX+ in SLI, one is 300Mhz...

Hello, I've got two 9800GTX+ cards in SLI and CPU-Z is saying one is at 738 Mhz, while the other is at 300 Mhz - my mobo is an Asus P7P44D-E PRO.

When I enable SLI both cards say 300 Mhz.

Anyone have experience with this problem? I tried googling but all that it retuns is people asking if SLI works with cards with different clock speeds ;(
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  1. I tried moving the SLI bridge to the other position - still both reporting 300 Mhz in CPU-Z.

    Do they speed up while in game or something?
  2. By CPUz I assume you mean GPUz. What you should do is get a free copy of Furmark, and run it in windowed mode so you can see what happens when the benchmark is running.
  3. Was using CPU-Z.

    GPU-Z says 738Mhz for both - will check out furmark.
  4. :) - Sounds like you are fine! CPUz will show the current clock of your CPU, and a lot of CPUz clock themselves down when idle to save power. As soon as you load the CPU with some work to do it will clock back up to the proper speed. Graphics cards do the same.
  5. Just ran Furmark.

    No SLI both cards are @ 738 Mhz and I get 12 FPS after 1000 frames.

    With SLI cpu 1 @ 300 Mhz, cpu 2 @ 738 Mhz and I get 12 FPS after 1000 frames.
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    Hmmm. Okay. What kind of Processor do you have in your Computer?

    Im not sure Furmark was the best tool to use, I think you should try using the 3dMark Vantage (free version). I would expect you to get a score of around 5000-6000 with one card.

    With 2 cards you should hopefully get atleast 11000.

    If you achieve 11000 on 3dMark Vantage then your SLI is working fine :)
  7. CPU is Intel Core i5-650 @ 3.792 Ghz (OC)

    My power supply is only 550w

    Will check out that benching tool you suggested.
  8. I don't think SLI/CF will work with windowed mode.

    Also if you're only getting 12 FPS you're doing something wrong lol. Maybe "extreme burn test?" Just do a normal run, at most 4xAA.
  9. It's fullscreen - just doing normal runs, dynamic background with no AA.

    12 FPS average.
  10. At 1080p, single 5850, I average 72 FPS so something is wrong there. I mean you should be at least... 50? Not sure but definitely not 12.

    Give Vantage a try and see what happens.
  11. ============================
    Furmark 1080 preset
    SCORE:726 points (12 FPS, 60000 ms)
    Max GPU Temp: 58°C
    Resolution: 1920x1080 (FS) - AA:0 samples
    FPS: min:13, max:14, avg:12 - OPTIONS: DynBkg
    NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX+ (10DE-0613, 2 GPUs) (1-7-2011) - nvoglv64
    core:738MHz, mem:1100MHz, shader:1836MHz
    Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU 650 @ 3.20GHz
    Cpu Speed 4333 MHz / System Mem 8189 MB
    Windows Vista 64-bit build 6002 [Service Pack 2]

    Running 3D mark...
  12. ===========================
    3D Mark Vantage (free)

    P14778 3DMarks

    P8159 3DMarks
  13. Is a 550 watt power supply enough to power two 9800 GTX+ cards on that system?
  14. According to the Cooler Master wattage calc it is...

    I can buy a new PSU though since this one is from 2006 - what watt's do you suggest?
  15. Vantage score seems right on the money. I don't know why Furmark is being dumb.

    At this point I'd say just go boot up some games and try with SLI on and off and see what happens. It should be noticeably different at max settings if you have Crysis or Metro 2033.
  16. Ran 3D Mark with SLI disabled - edited info into last post.
  17. most likely that 550watt not pushing enough power, did you check the amperage on the 12v rail on your psu to see if it matches what the cards say?
  18. How do I do it? I'm a nub.

    It's an old random power supply from 2006.
  19. give me the company and model number and will tell you, to find this you will to get into the computer and look for your psu, their should some description written on it.
  20. Heading out to buy a new PSU right now actually... I'll let you know if the benches change.
  21. Still getting low furmarks and stuff.

    750w Strider Gold Power Supply
  22. updated mobo bios - still getting low benchmarks.
  23. The benchmarks are fine - I didn't realize the first sets of results here were 05 & 06 lulz.
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