Which Power Supply Should I choose?

I want a Good Power Supplier For My computer..

My PC specs are:
Intel Core i3 540 3.06 ghz
Ram:2Gb Kingston
Hdd:500Gb Seagate Barracuda
HP DvD Drive 1260
Ati Radeon HD 6850
Monitor:Viewsonic 1938 19"inch

Stock Power supplier is at 450w so do I need to upgrade it?
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  1. What's the brand of the power supply? 450W is theorectically enough to power that system. However, some power supplies, despite having enough power, are build from quality parts and simply aren't efficient enough.
  2. It's all depend your budget, minimum 500W. Many good psu brand : seasonic, corsair, xfx, anteq, bequite, etc
  3. 500W or greater power supply is recommended for that graphic card so I`ll choose Corsair CX600v2 and that will be more than enough...
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