Salvage Build based on Pentium D

Hello everyone! I am a newcomer and this is my first post. :hello:

I come here today to get some suggestions and recommendations on a salvage build I will be pulling together from a Dell Dimension E510. I will be putting salvaged components into a COOLER MASTER Elite 310 ATX Mid Tower Case. I need a low cost motherboard and PSU to get up and running along with a Fan/Heatsink for my CPU since Dell has their own one rigged up in their special case.

The components I will be salvaging are...

CPU: Pentium D 820 Smithfield 2.80 GHz
Memory: 1GB (2 x 512MB) DDR2 533MHz
GPU: ATI Radeon X300 SE (128MB HyperMemory)
PSU and Mobo are scrapped.

This will be used for a basic system. Little to no gaming if any at all.

Mobo, onboard audio & LAN is needed and video is a big plus and would be nice to have for backup. I've had my eye on the Foxconn G31MXP-K I7. It was on sale for $33 last week and has been sold out. It's too bad I would have eaten that up if they was in stock. If you guys have any other suggestions under $40 I am all ears.

PSU I am kind of stumped on this one I know it will need to be atleast 300W with 12V rail atleast 18A? I have been looking around on Newegg and all the deals they have with PSU's are coming to an end soon such as mail in rebates expire soon and if I order one they rebate would expire before I got the product. I'm currently considering

Thanks in advance, any help is appreciated.
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    If you are looking for a basic, cheap, LGA 775 board, this Gigabyte seems to get the job done:

    Keep in mind, it's micro ATX so a little cramped. Also, it has onboard video, albeit not very good.
    I looked at that Foxconn board, and it didn't have good reviews at all, so I would stay away.
    As for the power supply, I would pick up that basiq, as they get the job done at a low price.
    For your CPU cooler, the cheapest, highest rated heatsink is this one right here:

    To finish it all off, you might consider getting some Artic Silver 5 to make sure that CPU stays chilly:
  2. Thanks for your reply and suggestions.

    That board says it supports down to 667 MHz of DDR2 RAM and what I got is 533 MHz. I have read some mixed opinions on this. Would there be some kind of compatibility issue there? mATX is fine and the onboard video doesn't have to be anything special.

    Also I'm going to wait on the PSU because them rebates expire very soon and would be useless as shipping would take longer then that.
  3. The G31 motherboard will support the lower speed. When you plug the CPU in, the pins will automatically program the motherboard for the lower FSB speed.
  4. jsc said:
    The G31 motherboard will support the lower speed. When you plug the CPU in, the pins will automatically program the motherboard for the lower FSB speed.

    I was talking about the RAM speeds.

    XIGMATEK ACXTNRP-PC402 400W ATX12V Ver.2.3 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Active PFC Power Supply

    I've not heard much on this brand. Solid and reliable brand? Right now its 35 bucks on sale.
  5. Well, the reviews seem ok. I've seen XIGMATEK products, but only heatsinks and fans and such. But, one of the reviews say it is a rebranded HEC. You should be ok with it, seems like a deal, but keep in mind it has only 1 6pin.
  6. The one 6 pin isn't a problem as I wont be using this for gaming and have no intention of upgrading the video card that requires a 6 pin or 6+2.

    Thanks for the replies. I'm still looking for some more opinions and suggestions.
  7. I would like to add another question to my thread.

    Will a Pentium D work on the G31 chipset or even the G41? I've read that it won't and that it will.
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  9. Evan, Pentium D is old this is something you'd be a lot happier with speed and performance wise, It's better off to get a new MOBO such as

    and the CPU:

    And you may want more ram this is a cheap 2 gb 2gb for those just 2 sticks would be GREAT.
  10. Yes I know a Pentium D is out-dated. This is why it's a salvaged build from an old Dell desktop. I'm not looking to get anything new for this build. The build is basically for backup/spare computer to have around.

    That memory you linked is laptop memory by the way.
  11. Oh sorry, Anyway a PENTIUM D overclock it. TO like 3.0 ish it will boost the speed and I agree with striker that motherboard is just fine. Also more ram just 1 more gig is standard these days (does your MOBO have the max you can already have?) And based to dell you can have up to 4 gigs! that's alot so get like 2 more.
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