Best 800$ Gaming Desktop build ?

Hey guys i need a new computer , mainly for gaming, but i cant pay more than 800$, and well since i have no idea what are the best parts, with the best price/quality ... i really need your help !
So yea 800$ .. i could built it myself eventually if you can send me a really easy '' How to '' guide ;P
or i'd go for a site like cyberpower or something like it to make it for me , but i know it comes a lot more expensive.. :S and since my budget is really low . id go for the best but cheaper option...

ANyway if any of you could help me i would appreciate it SO much !

Thank you for your time ,
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  1. Here is a sample build, the total with shipping was 850 so a little over budget but I am sure with a little switching and use of combo's/rebates you can get it under 800. This is just something for you to work with, be sure you pick the parts that you really want. You should build yourself it is very easy, the motherboards come with pretty good manuals that are very helpful with assembly. If you wanted to overclock (a reason to pick a i5/i7 XXXXk) you would also want an aftermarket cpu cooler. You don't really need 8GB of ram but if you can afford it get it.

    Here is a list of parts for the sample build:

    This guide is a little old but the principals haven't changed much just the parts:
  2. ^^ :-) also pay attention to the $100 price tag on windows 7...

    I like that build. also if you are still skeptical to build it yourself, send that exact build to see if you can get a good price out of them.
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