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XMP1 or 2?

I am interested in Biostar TZ77XE4 with Patriot DDR3 1866 XMP RAM. Which should I use?
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  1. What do you mean by "XMP1 or 2?", if you're referring to the Profile then typically it's Profile1.
  2. thx, wuts the difference between XMP profile one and two? What other memory settings need to be changed once I select the profile? I will not change CPU settings.
  3. The difference between the (2) Profiles depends on the kit. The differences are typically the Frequency and/or the CAS Timings. Most RAM kits only have Profile1 and not Profile2; meaning just because the BIOS has the option it has nothing to do with the kits themselves.

    To find out both the available 'SPD' (aka JEDEC) & XMP settings for your kit use CPU-z and look at the 'SPD' tab. Also, the 'Memory' tab shows the current running Frequency and CAS Timings (multiply the DRAM Frequency * 2). CPU-z -

    Example 'SPD' tab (multiply the Frequency * 2)
  4. So the XMP can make it go to 1218 mhz AND/OR 1370 mhz for your example? The SPD is 1066 mhz?
  5. The 'example' above is not encoded with an XMP Profile, so using a 'NULL' (nonexistent) XMP Profile would potentially result in both a BSOD plus 'Overclock Failure' boot failure. Here's mine with (1) XMP Profile, so I would have to choose XMP Profile1 which is indeed what I've done plus in my case both VTT/VCCSA voltage tweaks:
  6. I thought 1600 mhz would require higher voltage, not lower. Command rate shows up only when there is overclocking? Is ur SPD 1333 mhz?
  7. I have the more expensive 1.35v ultra low voltage kits (better on the CPU), and most all DDR3-1600 and faster kits have a Command Rate of 2 (aka 2, 2N, 2T). SB-E by default are actually up to DDR3-1600 and so are the forthcoming IB, whereas the AMD 'FX' are up to DDR3-1866 or the highest JEDEC up to 933MHz JEDEC (AMD does not support XMP Profiles it's an Intel only 'SPD').
  8. IB CPU allows up to 1600 mhz. If mobo allows 1866 mhz as OC, then I can use XMP1?
    However this RAM is only tested on P67, not Z77. Z77 has XMP1.3, this older RAM does not?...
  9. Those wouldn't be 'my' picks for SB or IB. However, XMP + Profile1 should work. The IB's Default is anywhere from DDR3-1066 -> DDR3-1333 -> DDR3-1600, but can handle up to DDR3-2600. However, other than synthetics won't help much.

    Example of a DDR3-1866 kit I would consider on Z77 + IB (1.50v and lower CAS) -
  10. The ripjaws x was tested for the 6 series mobos, prolly don't have XMP1.3 ?? Z77 mobos has XMP1.3.
  11. Any P67/Z68 kits are fine, interesting I originally posted 5 kits. Any version of XMP is compatible with Z77.

    I was trying to keep the prices down as much as possible based from the kit you posted earlier.
  12. Well I already bought it when it was on sale for $35 after rebate.
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    Then keep it.
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