New MB and CPU will not boot

Hello -I just installed new Gigabyte P67x-D3-B3 Rev 1.0 MB and core i5 2500k into existing case and peripherals. Oh and the memory is new as well -8GB G-skill DDR3 1600MHz. The system powers up, my video card posts info as normal, then it goes to a Gigabyte screen with options for: Post, Enter Boot Menu, Setup, Q-Flash, etc. That is when things go bad. Whatever option is selected the screen just scrolls black and white bars. Almost looks like a bar code for lack of a better description.

Other system components: nVidia GeForce9600 w/512mb, PSU = 400W is a little older but has 24pin connector and only 1 x 4pin 12V but that should work ok for normal use according to MB manual. Crucial 128gb SSD which I had running in old system.

Any direction would be appreciated -thx
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  1. Your ssd may not work with your sata controller. I would try a regular sata II hardrive if you haven't yet, and also a different video card. I had one board that would boot up fine but never find my sata 3.0 ssd; the sata controller on the board didn't work in achi mode with the sandforce ssd.
  2. I was going to try that. I did make progress when I unplugged the SSD. So only video card installed. I do not have nother video card to try. I was able to get to bios setup screens with SSD unplugged, however now the problem is navigating the bios screens is extremely slow. It take 3 or 4 seconds for the system to respond to key inputs like arrow up or down to highlight selections.

    And why wouldn't a new MB and BIOS support a basic SSD drive? My 4 y/o Intel board had no issues at all with it.
  3. It all depends on the motherboard sata controller and whether you're using achi or ide mode. My older board would only load the sandforce ssd in ide mode.
  4. Tried installing a regular SATA drive, and sytem became more responsive (like I would have expected) howeve still unexplainable things going on. Random resets, power downs, power ups even after sitting for 15 minutes it would randomaly turn itself on.

    Too much to try and deal with. Asus MB is on its way and if it works Gigabyte is going back.
  5. Anyone know how long it takes Gigabyte to respond to tech support inquiry? I submitted question on Saturday and still no open case.

    It definitley appears the SSD is not compatible with this board. At least not with the knowledge I have to "fix" it. I've swapped out everything else at this point. SSD worked great in Intel MB with 965 chipset. Amazed it will not work in a new board.
  6. I have the Gforce 9600 also and had bars like your talking about and I took it out and just blew it out and put it back and now it seems to be fine for that part.
  7. Arrrrgh!!! I kind of figured out the problem. Figured I'd let you know. Obviously I had swapped SATA cables as part of troubleshooting. And I even swapped the sata port on the MB at ony point however it was a port on the same header. When I plugged the drive into the port 4 and 5 header it worked like a champ. I plugged my DVD in the non working header ports and it too works fine. Go figure. Would you say this MB is defective?
  8. Well, I'm up and running. Actually booted off previosu install on SDD, loaded some drivers from Gigabyte CD and seems to be humming along nicely. Now I just need to decide if I'm going to hang on to this Gigabyte board or not. Don't like the fact that for some reason that number 2 and 3 SATA port header does not like the SSD.
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