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700W PSU ok for SLI EVGA 560 ti SC?

Build in signature, was wondering if a 700W cooler master silent m is sufficient enough for running SLI'd EVGA GTX 560 TI Superclocked. Thanks!
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    That's way more than enough, the card only needs 160 - 170w.
  2. Short and sweet, thank you!

    I don't think I really need SLI but I've never done CFX or SLI before and I absolutely love this card so we'll see how it does :P
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  4. I may soon be running SLi'd 560's and I'm going to be using a 620HX PSU, be sure to post if you do go SLi and have any problems.
  5. Will do! Hopefully within the next month's few paychecks will allow it, no fast food for a couple weeks will do me good in exchange for the card :P Thanks again!
  6. No worries.
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