Can an XP computer access files on a Win7 computer?

We have 7 computers at our business where I want to place some files on one of the newer ones and let the others simply access them. However, the newest computer is running Win7 64-bit pro. Some of the other computers are just Win XP pro 32-bit. If I setup a "Work Network" on the Win 7 computer where the files are located, will I be able to find them on one of the Win XP computers? Hope I am being descriptive enough. Sorry if I'm not.
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  1. Yeah you should be able to access files.
    If your XP machines are correctly configured to share a folder I would go to the network folder on your Win 7 (You will find that if you go to Computer and it should be on the left side. If it is not there then you can go to the top of the window where there is a pitcher of a computer and then a arrow pointing right and then computer with another arrow click in there so you can type network) Give it a little bit to scan for local computers, and you should see name of the computer you want to access.
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