BSOD's Crippling My PC

My PC:
OS - Windows 7 Ultimate
Case - Rosewill CHALLENGER Black Gaming ATX
CPU - AMD Phenom II 965 Black Edition 3.4Ghz
RAM - G-Skill Ripjaw Series 4GB DDR3 1600 x4 ~16GB~
HDD - Seagate Barracuda 7200 1.5TB
GPU - XFX Radeon HD 4850

As soon as I purchased my current video card I started getting BSOD's, I talked it thru with the tech support going back and forth. Finally I seemed to get them under control for awhile, then they started again. It seemed to only happen when I played a game called Solstice Reborn, but that was not the case it happend just while browsing the net. So I decided to check for new drivers, to my amazment some were released only a few days prior, downloaded and installed them. System was fine again for some time, then for what ever reason I decided to start playing Diablo 2 again and here is where my problem continues.

1st let me explain what it looks like before my BSOD, no matter what error I get, it is always the same my PC hangs for about 1/2 a second. Then I see all kinds of mashed together colors on the screen which will display for a split second then it goes to the BSOD occompanied with a loud buzzing noise.

Now sometimes I get a generic BSOD with nothing but the basic info, windows has.... blah blah... to blah blah.... stopping harm of your pc.
90% of the time I get a System_Service_Exception 0x00000003B, more recently I have been getting System_Service_Exception 0x00000003B along with this info at the bottom of the screen.
Win32k.sys FFFFF9600013FCA0 base at FFFFF96000080000 Date Stamp 4d6f104c

Now so far this has only happend while playing Diablo 2, more so when I play Diablo 2 inside sandboxie to be-able to run more then 1 game at a time. I do not even know if it is my video card anymore, I am lead to beleive it is only because I had this PC for an entire month before I got my current GPU. As soon as I installed this GPU I started getting BSOD's with the strange colors on the screen, best way to describe it would be thousands of short horizontal lines of all different colors mainly purple and green. Because this always happens before any and all BSOD's I believe it is my video card.

(The following has only happened once (tonight) so I don't know if it helps at all)
I just installed the most recent drivers and catalyst control center, version 11.4 after I installed these and while trying to play Diablo 2 inside sandboxie I got this BSOD for the 1st time. Again System_Service_Exception 0x00000003B but this time this information displayed at the bottom.
dxgkrnl.sys FFFFF88006EFAB6 base at FFFFF88006E59000 date stamp 4ce799fa

I am completly stumped, I do not know if the error lies withing Diablo 2, sandboxie and the combination of the 2. Again so far I only recieve ANY of the above mentioned BSOD's while playing Diablo 2 inside Sandboxie. I stress the the "so far" part because ever since I have installed this card, I have recieved BSOD's completly randomly. But now for about a month they have focused 100% on Diablo 2 / Sandboxie.

I know this is prolly a mess, but if anyone out there knows how to read these codes or knows what I should try next, please let me know, thank you.
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  1. Without looking too far into this, I think your card is seriously underpowered in regards to the rest of your system,
    I'd try getting a better card to check out in there as you dont have onboard to try it without your card
  2. do you still have your old GPU? try playing with that one and see if the problem persist.
  3. 1, Reinstall DirectX,,,2, Try card in another system...3 Replace card...........:)
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