On which slots do i add a ram to?Please help!

Hey everyone! I am new to the pc hardware stuff. I have a small question, I am upgrading ram on my old desktop pc. It has 4 ram slots. (DDr3 1333 mhz). it already came with one 4 gb ram, I want to add another one, but there are 3 slots available, which one should i add another one to ?Does it really matter on the overall performance?which is the best way to do it! PLease help and thnks in advance! :pfff:
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More about slots please help
  1. A couple things first, it's highly recommend that you duplicate as close to possible the existing 4GB stick with the SAME: Frequency, CAS Timings, and especially the voltage. Further, MATCHING KITS are the best solution with the least problems; RAM is cheap now. IF possible purchase the SAME existing: Brand and Stick (Part Number) as is already installed.

    To determine the Part Number run CPU-z and look at the 'SPD' tab, there it will list the Part Number; it's also should be printed (label) on the RAM installed. If this is an OEM then most likely it will be difficult to find and more than likely from an OEM source it's Samsung.

    Next, install the 2nd stick in the SAME color DIMM slot as the already installed 1st stick. You manual should list the correct DIMM slots to obtain Dual Channel.

    Examples of Dual Channel; this depends entirely on the MOBO:
    CPU: | 4GB | 4GB | blank | blank |
    CPU: | blank | 4GB | blank | 4GB |

    CPU-z -
    Part Number & Mfg:
  2. I bought a different brand ram, is tht gonna be a problem? and yeah u are rite. there are 2 blue slots and two black slots in this order : (blue(has the original ram)|black|blue|black. So am i suppose to add the new ram to the blue one? thnks for the reply, really apreciate:)
  3. Correct the RAM in you case can be installed as follows:
    CPU: | 4GB | blank | 4GB | blank |
    CPU: | blank | 4GB | blank | 4GB |

    As far as problems, I cannot crystal ball not knowing anything about either set. However, at DDR3-1333 both sticks 'should' have a JEDEC @ 1.50v and the BIOS 'might' read the highest (slowest) CAS and set the BIOS correctly.

    IF you have a problem then just place the NEW stick in the Blue DIMM slot closet to the CPU and the OLD one in the 2nd Blue DIMM slot. The reason is 'how' the BIOS reads the CAS Timings (1st stick vs both sticks) to set the correct CAS Timings and voltage.

    DDR3-1333 9-9-9-27 @ 1.50v
    DDR3-1333 8-8-8-24 @ 1.50v
    DDR3-1333 9-9-9-27 @ 1.50v ; slowest should be used for best results
  4. Hmm both of them are ddr3 and are are clocked at 1333mhz.The new one i bought is 1,5v bt not sure abt the orignal one.and hmm I installed them,with 4 blank 4 blank.and i ll see how it turns out to be,It read the ram, now my spec says 8gb of ram, and I ran the memory diagnostic,it said no problem detected. so am i good to rock?
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    It's best to create a bootable CD/DVD of Memtest and run a minimum of 4 passes; use the ISO/zip file, unzip, double click the ISO an burn to a CD/DVD the boot off the Memtest; link -

    If you have no errors then you're good, but Window memory test is near useless.
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  7. Thnks man!
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