Need to build a better mousetrap

I'm running an MSI MS-7125 v1.0 w/ a 1.8 AMD Athlon64
3 G of RAM
video Radeon X1600
I do mainly photoshop and general surfing on this machine. I'm running W7 pro. Yes it tends to be slow. Suggestions for a replacement machine. I can build it myself. Thank you
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  1. disregard my stupid questions. I'm now reading "Recommended Builds by Usage" which is where I should have started. Thanks and sorry for wasting bandwidth
  2. Quote:
    disregard my stupid questions.

    Feel free to use the available bandwidth of this section. How did the hat diaper you wear on your head get in your avatar?
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  4. Not a waste. Feel free to post a New Build thread (using the format in the sticky) for more specific advice.
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