CPU Cooler for i5 2500K with High Profile Memory

I'm building my first PC, already bought the case, MOBO and CPU (see signature for details).
I'm looking for a CPU cooler that's not the stock Intel one that comes with the i5 2500K, I'm considering the Coolermaster Hyper 212+ but I'm worried it won't fit on my MOBO due to the Corsair Vengeance's frills on the top of the RAM.

Does anyone know if I'll have problems fitting the CM 212+ with the Vengeance RAM or recommend me a better CPU for less than £30?

I will be overclocking the i5 2500K to around 4.7Ghz and space in the case is not a worry.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: since spec didn't show up:

NZXT Phantom Case
ASUS P8P67 Pro Rev 3.0
Corsair Vengeance 8Gb (2x4Gb) 1600MHz DDR3 CL9
Intel i5 2500K
WD 1TB 3.5" SATA-III 6Gb/sec 32mb Cache 7200RPM HDD
Sapphire HD6950 2Gb DiRT3 Edition
LiteOn 12x Blu Ray Drive
Sony Optiarc 24x SATA DVD Drive
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  1. *recommend me a better CPU COOLER for less than £30?
    (it wouldn't let me edit the above post)
  2. see I don't know why but common logic tells me electrical components and water just don't go but that's just me, is there going to be a problem with the fin height of the vengeance ram and the cpu cooler though?
  3. The Hyper 212+ is pretty big.
    The fan does extend right to my ripjaws.
    But thankfully you can clasp the fan higher on the heat sink as opposed to lower,
    making room for my ram.
    The Corsair Vengeance is pretty tall ram so you might run into issues there.
    Your cpu socket also seems to be closer to your ram than mine...
  4. I'll take some measurements later on and double check, can the fan only go one way? the size of it isn't really an issue in my case it's just with the vengeance ram being so damn tall
  5. You can put the fan on the other side so that it pulls.
    You could also get a fan for the "push side" that's not so fat if you're so inclined.
    The Hyper 212+ comes with two extra fan clips so you can attach another fan so no worries with that.
  6. Awesome! Thanks for the help, I know the Sapphire card's pretty big but I reckon it won't interfere with the CPU cooler
  7. No problem!
    I've got a HD 6870 in mine and no problems here.
    Judging by your mobo layout you should be fine with the gpu size.
  8. nice! I think I'll just be able to squeeze the Hyper 212+ in my MOBO it's only £20 so hopefully it'll be fine though it'll be 3 weeks before I finally get it built
  9. Enjoy your new rig, I'm sure it'll treat you well!
  10. I work 8 til 4 5 days a week with boiling hot acids, gotta make sure I've got something to look forward to when I get home at night!
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