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I would like to know if ATI HD 4670 is compatible with my motherboard MSI K9N NeoV2? I am asking because my motherboard is nForce model. Can I take the graphic card or should I one of the GeForce series?

If I need GeForce, what would be your suggestion about the same price? I mainly need it for Photoshop and online gaming (1280 x 1024) on normal details.

Also, I have PSU PX 450 max 275w. I have 1.3 GHz processor and I want to change it to a newer model (Athlon X 64 Dual Core 5200 2.7 GHz). Will I need a new PCU when I get my new CPU and GPU?

I still don't know what HDD I will use (I think mine current one is broken) and I will probably switch my Windows 7 with XP from time to time or maybe install both.

I hope someone will help me, if you need any more info on my configuration or purchase options, you can tell me the specific info you need and I will tell you.
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  1. Okay first of all that PSU needs to be changed, heres a really good deal for a 550watt
    keep in mind this isn't for crossfire or sli, only designed for one card.

    Anthlon x2 series is a good place to go heres a link

    Need a new HDD ? here you go

    your looking at $127.97 for those mentioned before taxes, good luck ! :D
  2. sorry yes your 4670 is compatible with that board, btw ignore that cpu i mentioned earlier will not be able to run on your board. Unfortunately Athlon X2 are no longer made and therefore may be tricky to find.
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