Replace 8800 gts

AFter 4 years my evga card has gone dead and i would like to replace it not really looking for an upgrade, but i dont want to downgrade!

100$ or less

I like to play WoW , counter strike source and watch youtube on my 2nd monitor.

AMD Athlon 64 x2 6000+
2gb ram
Thermaltake 500w PSU

Im in usa and like tigerdirect and newegg.

I have no idea what companys are good for cards and am not biased towards any.



Looking for a card that will last and run my games at a decent quality, no need for max.

I appreciate any help!
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  1. A great solution for your setup would be this: It will run everything at more than decent details for that resolution.
  2. deactivated link?

    2nd link works, thanks for reccomendation.
  3. Sorry I don't know what happened it worked fine. Anyway I was talking about a 5770 which is 100$ after rebate and it will give you great performance. I hope this link works:
  4. a replacement would be a gt240, ddr5 version. it would give similar performance. anything better than that is an upgrade. a 5770 or gts450 would be a decent upgrade. A gts250 may be a cheaper option, gives similar performance to a gts450 but lacks dx11 features.
  5. If I were you, I'd go with an upgrade. If you buy a card that's already old, you are shooting yourself in the foot if you wanna play a new game. I would get a GTX 460 or GTX 560Ti. These are from the lower end of Nvidia's GPU lineup, but they are nonetheless incredible cards. Also, before asking questions like these always check here first, and find the best card for your budget. Hope I helped at least a little!
  6. If you have the money then by all means upgrade to the gtx 460. It's a great card and it will put you in a better future proof scenario.
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