Should i upgrade or still wait???

guys i have an i7 920 CPU and a rampage 2 GENE mother board, i want to up grade to the i7 2600k CPU and my preferred motherboard is the MSi Z68A-GD80 B3??....should i or not??? mainly gaming and some photoshop and video conversions....

also add to my question when changing these componets do i have to re install the OS and all the other stuff????like antivirus games and Etc???
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  1. No, you shouldnt.

    Gaming wise its useless, photoshop useless. however video conversion since i havent had hands on experience i cant say.

    But in my opinion your pc has still a long life of around 4 years.
    Many Core2quads still have been running and they were released in 2008/2009 which already is around 3 and a half years ago.

    Your pc has juice mate and it aint happy you aint giving it love.
  2. Just overclock it a little, the 920 can do around 3.3 with stock voltage usually, 3.8 to 4.0 if you want to push it some. Most people on the i7 2600 are getting about 4.4 on their chips. So if you do the math including the increase in IPC from the first gen to the second, you get about 25 percent more performance out of an overclocked 2600 over an overclocked 920.

    The difference is notable but in my opinion not worth a complete upgrade. Like Ghnader said, your chip has plenty of juice to hold you over for a real upgrade. I would wait for Haswell or something in the AMD camp. By then your looking at more of a 50% increase or more with less power and heat.
  3. first time i have heard 2600k and useless in the same sentence.

    personaly although i have the upgrade bug i dont plan to do it till at least after the ivy bridge cpus have been released--got to be a large performance jump to justify the cost

    as he said already the i7 920 is still a good cpu

    really a clean install of all your stuff is recommended--but sometimes you can get away with not doing it--only thing is if you get any problems like blue screening its harder to narrow them down as it could be driver or software issues from the old installation or hardware issue with your new upgrade
  4. pointless as its not really an upgrade if you can get your cpu to 3.6 then you will get exactly the same performance as a stock 2600k so you would be spending money on a side step rather than a genuine upgrade.
    save your money till the sandy E series or the 2011 socket are out.
  5. thanks all im still on the planning anyway may be next year i can upgrade a little...since the market is always upgrading every 6 months or so and still lots of options to choose....
  6. yeah im looking forward on what performance on the 2011 socket cpu has to give.. :)
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